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Client Cancellation and Punctuality Policy


1. Therapy sessions are scheduled in advance. When cancellations are made at the last minute, this results in an empty slot in the schedule which could have been filled by another client.


2. In order to protect therapists’ time, the following fees will be levied in cases of last-minute cancellations:


If cancellation is made:

            - More than 24 hours in advance: No fees

            - Less than 24 hours, but more than 12 hours in advance: $50 fee

            - Less than 12 hours, but more than 2 hours in advance: $100 fee

            - Less than 2 hours in advance or no-show: Full session fee


3. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur (e.g. illness, urgent matters) and will waive any cancellation fees in these situations.


4. We reserve a client’s preferred therapy timing/day for subsequent weeks once therapy sessions are confirmed. However, for clients who have cancelled/postponed their sessions for 3 times in a row, the slot will be opened up to other clients and will no longer be reserved for you.


5. Therapist schedules are planned in advance. Delays in therapist schedules can have a cascading effect on the rest of the therapist’s day and adversely affect the therapist’s ability to complete their tasks.


6. Therefore, therapists will not be obliged to give a session an extension if a client arrives late for the session and will end the session as scheduled.


7. Full session fees will still apply.


8. While we try our best to make sure all sessions begin on time, certain circumstances can occur and result in the therapist being late instead. In such cases, the therapist will ensure that the session duration lasts as scheduled (e.g. 1 hour).

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