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Helping children find their voices, one rawr at a time

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"Top Therapists in Singapore"

"Top Speech Therapists for Kids In Singapore"

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Creative Therapy Sessions

We make sure our therapy sessions are always fun and engaging - whilst keeping therapeutic goals in mind. Say no to boring, repetitive therapy sessions that go nowhere.


We are armed with years of clinical experience in seeing children for all sorts of communication difficulties and have proven results.

Active Collaboration

We want to work together with you to come up with the best plan for your child. We know you understand your child the best - and we want to use that to maximise the benefits of therapy.

Why Choose Us

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"Bernard was absolutely wonderful with my 3 year old son. He offered a hassle free (and free!) quick consultation to meet our son. Bernard has a friendly and gentle demeanour and our son warmed up to him quickly (which was a surprise!) His office is really cute and clean, with many great educational toys. He is REALLY REALLY patient, and helped improve my son's speech within 3 months. He even reached out to his school to offer tips to his teachers. Highly recommend Bernard!"


"We went to Bernard after being recommended by a friend to help with my daughter's speech. Right after the first lesson, she was already able to do some sounds correctly that we had been trying to teach unsuccessfully for weeks! Friends and relatives say her speech is now much clearer and we are very happy with her progress. Will definitely recommend to other parents looking for a speech therapist."


"My husband and I would like to recommend teacher Bernard. He is extremely patient and our son always looks forward to attending every week. Our son now says many more words and is much more interactive with us. Thank you Bernard!"

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