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Dino Social Club
Social Skills Programmes

Social skills is an important but not often talked about skill that all children use and require as they navigate daily interactions with their peers as well as adults. Social skills and social awareness can come naturally to many, but not quite so instinctively to others.

For some children who have developmental and learning differences, social skills can be an area that proves particularly hard to master. Children who have poorer social skills are often overlooked or excluded from various social opportunities. This creates a vicious cycle of a child who has poorer social skills being deprived of the social interactions so crucial for mastering social skills and awareness and as a result continuing to plateau in social skills development without specific intervention.

Dino Social Club seeks to help steer children through the uncertain waters of social interaction with a firm and sure hand. Our group-based model, carefully planned activities and curriculum ensure children master the skills necessary in a step-wise manner that allows them to fully process and retain what they have learnt. We are also dedicated to helping the children (and also parents!) in our programmes forge meaningful and long-lasting friendships that last beyond the classroom. 

All sessions will be led by a certified Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist.

Sign your child up for a DINO-rific time at Dino Social Club!

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