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Speech and Language Therapy? One thing or two?

Confused when a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) refers to Speech and Language as two different things? You're not alone. Many people make the mistake of thinking they refer to the same thing. After all, both speech and language are what comes out of our mouths when we communicate, right?

Not quite. Contrary to popular belief - in no small part due to depictions of SLPs in popular culture (e.g. The King's Speech) - speech therapy is not all about pronouncing words and mastering articulation to sound clearer. While correcting and helping with speech intelligibility is a big part of what Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) do, this is not the only thing that it entails.

A major portion of what SLPs do involves the assessment and treatment of language difficulties. Language difficulties include the understanding of language rules (grammar), the structure of sentences, the relationship between words to form meaning, semantics (vocabulary) etc. These skills are what your SLP is referring to when they talk about the magic word 'language'. While these skills are picked up naturally by some children as they learn, it is not quite so straightforward for many others. Problems with areas in language can manifest as language delays or more complex language disorders. As with many developmental challenges, a correct diagnosis and treatment plan is key to overcoming them.

A qualified speech therapist will be able to help your child take the next steps towards confident learning. Here at Dinosaur Speech Therapy, we understand the struggles each child faces and tailor therapy individually according to each child. Our goal is to make learning fun, so that your child will be motivated to learn independently.

Contact us now to find out more on how speech therapy can help support your child's needs! Book a non-obligatory consultation now! Tele-consults available. Whatsapp or call us now at 8028 8535.


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