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Chriselle Koh

Speech and Language Therapist


Bachelor of Science (BSc.) (Hons) Speech and Language Sciences, Newcastle University (UK)


Chriselle is a passionate and fun-loving Speech and Language Therapist. She was awarded a healthcare scholarship from the Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH) and graduated from Newcastle University (UK) with a Bachelor of Speech and Language Sciences (Honours). She is fully registered with the Allied Health Professional Council.

Chriselle enjoyed 7.5 years in a restructured hospital and has extensive experience working with both adult and paediatric populations. She has experience working with children with a wide range of communication challenges and developmental conditions. These include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), children who have difficulties with speech, language, fluency (stuttering), social communication and auditory skills. Her expertise extends to the assessment and intervention for adults facing challenges in speech, language, fluency (stuttering), swallowing, cognition, and auditory function. Chriselle maintains a special interest in developmental speech and language delay/disorders and auditory training for clients (children/adults) with cochlear implantation.

Chriselle strongly believes that every child deserves a voice and aspires to empower children to become confident and effective communicators. She values working closely and collaborating with families, teachers and other professionals to ensure a supportive environment for every child. Chriselle appreciates the opportunity to journey alongside each child and their families, where every milestone is celebrated!

Chriselle also enjoys clinical education and has mentored junior speech therapists and speech therapy students. Outside of work, she enjoys high intensity exercise classes, traveling, exploring new food spots and spending quality time with family.


HANEN - More Than Words®

HANEN - It Takes Two to Talk®

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Sensory Processing Disorders for Speech and Language Therapists

The Lidcombe Programme of Early Stuttering Intervention

Camperdown Programme

Social Thinking ® Dynamic Assessment and Treatment Planning

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)

MED-EL Accreditation as Hearing Implant Rehabilitationist

ICIT International Auditory Verbal Practice Training

Certified Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) supervisor for Speech Therapists

SLT Clinical Education Training (NUS, SIT)

AMEI Essentials in Clinical Education

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Chriselle Koh
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