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Yzelle Dela Rea

Dinosaur School Deputy Head of Programme

Lead Teacher

Special Education Teacher


Master's in Early Childhood Education (On-going), Philippine Women's University

Bachelor of Elementary Education with Specialization in Special Education, Southville International School and Colleges


Yzelle is a passionate educator with extensive experience in teaching both mainstream students and those with special needs. She firmly believes that the key to effective teaching lies in building strong relationships with her students. Her commitment to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, where each child feels valued and supported, is evident through her active participation in various educational initiatives and extracurricular activities aimed at enhancing their overall development.

For Yzelle, education extends beyond academic lessons; it encompasses valuable life lessons that shape students into well-rounded individuals. She is dedicated to understanding her students deeply, recognizing that this is the cornerstone of effective teaching and learning. When students feel that their teacher genuinely cares about their well-being and growth, they become more open to exploring new ideas and taking risks in their educational journey.

Outside of her teaching role, Yzelle enjoys channeling her creativity through arts and crafts. During her free time, she often engages in DIY (do-it-your own) projects to create heartfelt gifts for her loved ones, showcasing her dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships both in and out of the classroom.


Licensed Professional Teacher

Childcare and Early Years Foundation Stage, Asean Online Education (AOE)

Teaching English as Foreign Language, Teacher Record

Media & Publications

An Exploratory Study of the Social Skills of the Abandoned and Neglected Children of Elsie Gaches Village With or Without Special Needs
(Presented in Seoul, South Korea at the International Symposium on Education and Psychology · Sep 7, 2017)

Yzelle Dela Rea
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